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Team Info


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The Driver

James Dean
Hometown: Chunky, Mississippi
Birthdate: Feb. 20, 1976
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Hobbies: Partying, Hunting, Partying, Fishing and Partying
Occupation: Welder / Race Car Driver
Years Racing: Since 92
Career Highlights: Won 2001 Winter Classic at Columbus Speedway, 2000 Queen City Speedway Late Model Champion, Won MSCC Race in 2001 at Queen City, Won a 2001 Rick's Series Race at Queen City, Won 2001 Interstate Race, Owns Fastest Lap Ever Recorded at Whynot Speedway (1996), Set Queen City Speedway Fastest Time (2001), Fans Choice as Driver of the Year in 2001 from Ms Dirt Track Scene

The Car

Blue and Orange Monte Carlo - Super Late Model - #16
Chassis: 1 Warrior (blue frame) and 1 Rocket (orange frame)
Engine Builder: Tony Barker
Car Owner: Tony Dean
Sponsors: Structural Steel, Tomkat Trucking, Magnolia Steel, American Racer Tires

The Crew

"The Chunky Bunch"
Rob Moony, Tony Dean, Tody Ratcliff, Robbie Strickland, Peanut and Steve